Where Families Grow Strong Together
Martial Arts America
Imagine yourself happy, healthy, & full of energy. Now imagine your children confident, polite, obedient and respectful. What would a renewed sense of self-respect do for you or members of your family?

All these traits are results of training in the martial arts.

Welcome to the internet-home of Oklahoma Martial Arts America. Here you will find how to improve your health, attitude and life. We have been in the business of improving individuals and growing families since 1991.

We offer a wide variety of services and programs for all ages (from three- years of age to senior citizens) to help you set goals, meet challenges and achieve more than you thought was possible. We provide a complete study of the World’s most popular martial art—Taekwondo. In addition, students can learn basic weapons skills and self-defense while becoming more physically fit. Classes are designed to improve knowledge as well and challenge the student to excel.

Our facilities at our two locations, in Sand Springs, Oklahoma (3505 S 113th West Ave ) and Bristow, Oklahoma (116 E. 7th) provide a safe and secure environment for all to enjoy the many benefits of training in a family environment.

Give us a call or stop in and take a look for yourself and take a free class.

To contact us:

Sand Springs MAA
(918) 241-8151
3505 S 113th West Ave
Sand Springs, OK

Bristow MAA
(918) 367-3400
116 E. 7th
Bristow, OK